Scupper Linux

Scupper Beta Testing

Debian 11
Kali Linux
(Xfce )
Parrot OS
Ubuntu 18
Ubuntu 22
Linux Mint
Adv. Mail Spoofing
Mail Spoofing
IP Spoofing
MAC Spoofing
MAC Hiding
MAC Flooding
Link Tracing
UPI Tracing
IP Tracing
Instagram OSINT
Prevent Spoofing

Install Scupper

Setting up Scupper takes just a few clicks.

To install Scupper on Linux, proceed as follows:

1. First, be sure you download the latest version of Scupper.

2. Open a terminal where your scupper-linux-latest.tar.gz file is saved.

3. Unpack the scupper-linux-latest.tar.gz file you downloaded.

tar xvfz  scupper-linux-latest.tar.gz

4. Navigate to the scupper-linux-latest directory.

cd scupper-linux-latest 

5. Execute

sudo chmod +x  && sudo  ./

6. To launch Scupper, Run the command:

sudo scupper

7. Congrats! You’re all done.

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