Scupper Referral Program


To Referrers -
  • You will receive 50% of the amount on the first deposit of all of your referred persons.
To Referred Persons -
  • Referred person will also get an extra 50% amount of his first deposit in his scupper wallet.

Requirements For Scupper Referral Program

  • If you are a YouTuber, then you must have minimum 5k Active Subscribers.
  • If you are a Social Media Influencer, then you must have minimum 10k Active Followers.
  • If you are a Blogger, then you must have minimum 10k Regular Traffic.

How To Join The Referral Program?

  1. If you fulfill any one of the above mentioned minimum requirements criteria, you are eligible for joining The Referral Program.
  2. To join the program, kindly fill the required details below and click on the "DONE" button.
    NOTE: For verifying that the account link you entered really belongs to you, please write any one of these in the account bio/description - your scupper linked email address or simply "SCUPPER". This process is required for one time only until we respond you within 24 hours. Otherwise, your verification not will complete and you will not be able to join the referral program.
  3. Thereafter, please wait and leave everything on us. Our team will review your account and we'll soon respond you within 24 hours via your e-mail.